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cristina-del-basso-calendario_2009-2010-foto1 Cristina Del Basso – Calendario 2009-2010
cristina-del-basso-calendario_2009-2010-foto1 Cristina Del Basso – Calendario 2009-2010: Backstage

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  1. you’re great….wish…you were a turkish….

  2. yuu are great u r breast very nice i love u

  3. Mind blowing dear…u are sooooooooooooooo hot….& ur height also very sexy……Ooooooppss ur figure dear i got crazy about u……Muuuuuuuaaaahhhhhh……..

  4. you are wery biyuty .I LOVE YOU

  5. i love you so much. You to be very popular in Turkey. I want you to come to Istanbul. I hope we’ll meet the princess.

    ti amo tanto. Ad essere molto popolare in Turchia. Voglio che tu venga a Istanbul. Spero che ci vedremo la principessa.

  6. cristina you are the best i hope to see you with Egyptian clothes . I will look after you my love .

  7. Es una mujer preciosa

  8. Stunning Babe , hard luck Sami Algeria deserve it. Knives lol

  9. you are very nice and wish can see you face to face
    i love you so much
    i wish you were in iran

  10. Cristina,

    You are a Sensuous & Beautiful discovery. You are just the zest the world needs. We need to see more of you. xxx

  11. I’m one of your thousand fans and I want to tell you that first of all I’m from Greece,I’m very happy because I spedak to you and I wanna tell you that you have really big booms baby

  12. Iwould like to send me one of your photos I’m waiting

  13. Cristina you are Beautiful!!

  14. Mumma Mia !!!!!!
    You are Georgous !

  15. i am in love…………

  16. as if you didn’t know, you are gorgeous. want to marry you. want to marry me, Cristina? come meet my parents, in this little village in Mongolia, dear! we have nice goats! doesn’t matter I’m 69, my father at 93 is still strong as a big brown bear!

  17. i love you baby!!!!!
    te amo diosa!!!!

    Cristina Del Basso Ti amo bella dea!!!!!!!
    saluti da Argentina

  18. lol..big titts make everything possible

  19. hi
    just saw u while surfing
    i am from india
    and have not seen such beauty in neither india or rest of world.
    do come to india sometime- india will surely fascinate u as u facinate me.loveu

  20. so sexy,i love you!

  21. always dream of you…
    the greatest masterpiece of God.
    the most beautiful woman i ever seen

  22. Waaaaaaaaawooooooooo

    I want to be like you. your body is very sexy , so i hope to meet you face to face and please gave me an advice about how to be sexy and to be in acontact with you.

    sexy lady

  23. I am so luck y to see u in this way

  24. You are the sexest girl in the world .——- demon_xox@hotmail.com ____ only for girls

  25. I wish I see in dubai

  26. Cristina..u driving me crazy whenever i see ur photos.i wish i were in big brother just to be
    with u.u r charming and ur body is perfect and what i can say about ur boobs, ur beautiful
    ass ohhhhhhhhh
    you know what..one of my dreams is to fuck u !!!!!