Cristina Del Basso is a very beautiful young Italian woman who became famous worldwide after taking part in the Italian version of the Big Brother show – Grande Fratello. She is so hot, she could definitely be a super model with her huge ti… (oops) breasts and shapely silhouette. I’m sure that many men love her, not only in Italy, but all over the world. As you read this you can see them with the corner of your eyes: Cristina’s beautiful “twins”… and yes, they are implants.

We love Cristina and that is why we dedicate this beautiful website to all Cristina Del Basso fans. Cristina is very photogenic; she published a striking ” Foto Calendario”  which I don’t think needs translation with many beautiful large topless pictures which can be seen in our photo gallery.  Here you can also find other extensive picture galeries of Cristina, the most recent youtube Videos from Grande Fratello, Video-Interviews and other videos such as Cristina Del Basso’s now famous lap dance video,  Articles and much more.

We welcome comments from all Cristina Del Basso fans, whether you religiously watch Grande Fratello or you just found out about Cristina from TV or internet.

Enjoy Cristina Del Basso on cristina-del-basso.com

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